Following suggestions from this answer I'm using the following line in a script to read a mbox file format and do some operations non relevant to the question.

awk "/^Subject\: $GOODSUBJECT$/{a=1}/^From\:\ $GOODSENDER /{print;a=0}a" $MBOX

How would I delete all the lines selected by this match after my script has done its job?

Please note that they might not be deleted one by one by matching them, like I could do with sed, because - for instance - if I'll match a whitespace all lines with withespaces would be deleted in all mails.

I want to delete just the lines delimited by this awk selection instead.

Is it possible?

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Just do reverse match to keep those that doesn't match with:

awk "!/^Subject\: $GOODSUBJECT$/{a=1} !/^From\:\ $GOODSENDER /{print;a=0}a" $MBOX

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