I have a written a script named phone4 like the following:

# #!/bin/bash


  if ["$name" = ""]

  then echo -n "Enter a name to search for: "

        read name


  grep -i $name ~uli101/2017c/phonebook

but now i want to make some change in the script so that if I use the command phone4 xyz if no matching name is found, an appropriate message is displayed: "Name 'xyz' not in directory".

I want to use an 'if' statement to check the value of $? to see if the grep command was successful (remember, '0' indicates success). If the grep is NOT successful, then echo the message (which includes the value of $name).

Make sure this works with both command line arguments and with a name read in from the user, and I need to use the message EXACTLY as "Name 'xyz' not in directory". can anyone help me regarding this?

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Basically, you know how to write an if statement, you have one in your script.

Now, you should google to see how to compare $? to 0, and put that in your if statement. $? should NOT match 0.

Then you, you need to echo "Name 'xyz' not in directory" if $? is NOT 0. How can you replace 'xyz' with $name ? Should be obvious, right ?

This really reads like an assignment of some kind ... yes, I could write a complete answer, but that would NOT help you.

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