I just got a user account on a server with its nsswitch pointing at ldap.

Something is wrong with my home folder (I don't have one).

Generally the home folders are mounted by automount/autofs and the automount maps are in ldap.

In the bad old days of NIS it would have been as easy as ypcat auto.home | grep myusername to verify if the automount map had sane data.

In Solaris they seem to have similar features built into getent.

How can I query the automount maps in CentOS 6 type Linux?

I do not have ldapsearch available, nor do I know what ldap server I'm using or how the catalog is structured. So I don't think manual ldap queries is much of an option.

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The following seem to describe configured automount maps in a way that alleviates the need to learn ldap. You might need to be root for it to work.

automount --dumpmaps

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