I installed manjaro and deepin (same HDD with 2 partitions) on a laptop (T460P). None of them show up in the boot menu and hence my laptop sees that I have no bootable drive. But the distros are still there. The only way I can get into both of them successfully is using SuperGRUB2Disk live USB.

I have installed refind but that doesn’t show during boot either. Only hint to why is, I got a message saying that "efi variables not supported on this system".

I have access to both distros through the USB which is annoying. I looked around it and seems that it has to do with the grub not showing up.

Firmware is set to: Both (UEFI and legacy) with UEFI first. Secure boot and Quick mode disabled.

Is there any way to fix this and make it boot normally without the USB?

  • You need an EFI System partition. – jdwolf Oct 22 '17 at 14:58

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