There are a handful of commands which I use Ctrl+R to lookup.

In some cases it makes sense to put them into aliases/shell scripts, however for commands that typically need some adjusting - this isn't practical (involved ssh/git commands for example).

Is there a way to load in commands on top of regular history (which may have a limited length). So I can clear history, keeping useful commands always accessible from Ctrl+R search?

Is there a function to prepend history or load in history from a separate file that is never written to?

I realize this may seem obscure, however very occasionally I loose my history (it becomes corrupt or gets overwritten somehow), and I end up loosing handy commands I only use occasionally. While I can keep a backup, I'd rather be clearing history every so often - and keeping handy commands in a separate file.

  • I would instead recommend defining several zsh functions in your ~/.zshrc Oct 21 '17 at 5:05
  • I do this already, as noted in the question, some commands need edits on each use - so don't make much sense to wrap into an alias/function/script. While they could take arguments, this means I'm writing my own commands with their own argument syntax - which is too much overhead for my taste. Said differently, there are times when I'd rather use history search.
    – ideasman42
    Oct 21 '17 at 6:13

With zsh, you can add history entries to the current history, from a file, using

fc -R yourfile

You can add -I to only load entries which aren’t already present.

fc -W can be used to write history to a file. See man zshbuiltins or the online manual for details.

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