cat group.txt

        Flags: E,3
        "Jason" "O"
        "Kim" "T"
        "Eric" "G"
        "Jenny" "B"

        "Smith" "O"
        "Turner" "T"

        Flags: E,3
        "Hulk" "O"
        "Ironman" "T"
        "Loganoll" "G"

I would like to remove the extra double-quote(") from this file using sed (or any other). Notice BASEBALL and SOCCER have extra double-quote (") in the front of the string.

I tried to use

sed 's/^\"\"[a-zA-Z0-9]/\"\$/g' group.txt >> group.txt.dqremoved

but it doesn't do anything.


If you just want to replace two leading double quotes with one, you don't need anything more complicated than

sed 's/^""/"/' group.txt > group.txt.dqremoved

If you want to remove only the first character per line you could use

cut -c 2- file
  • This would remove the " before TENNIS too, and move everything left by two character positions. – Kusalananda Oct 21 '17 at 9:38

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