I am a sysadmin, and my computers run Debian Jessie. (I know, I'm working on updating soon.) When I try to print to a network printer, sometimes it works flawlessly. Other times, however, the program I'm printing from will gray out and the print dialog will take forever to come up. All the programs on the computer will hang. At times like these, running lpstat -t will hang as well. Furthermore, after a print job is completed, lpstat -t will show, indefinitely:

Printer printername is idle. Enabled since datetime.
Waiting for printer to finish.

The printer usually accepts more jobs anyway.

Restarting CUPS will usually temporarily fix all of these problems, but I have been unable to identify the source. What can I do to fix this?


Looking in my log files, I see cupsd is not idle any more, canceling shutdown over and over.

  • I can guess your network printer was not enough memory. How large file did you send to the network printer?You should check your network speed before you did network printing. – supriady Oct 26 '17 at 3:04
  • I have many network printers, and this problem only began recently. – Academiphile Oct 26 '17 at 3:04
  • When you said this problem only began recently. You should check your network. Maybe your network got a problem recently too. Maybe Someone sent a large file to network printer. Did you change anything on CUPS and print server recently? – supriady Oct 27 '17 at 4:10
  • Problem can in router also, reboot your router. – Arpit Agarwal Oct 28 '17 at 19:49
  • What does localhost:631 say? I think that web server is the most reliable interface to CUPS. – Alexander Oct 31 '17 at 9:28

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