So I have the third party nvidia graphics drivers up to date for my machine, and the HDMI port on my graphics card works fine.

There is a secondary HDMI port on my machine but it is not working. It works fine on windows, and it even turns on briefly while Ubuntu boots, but other than that it does not work on Ubuntu.

xrandr does not detect it, I've entered the system settings gui and tried detect display but nothing happens. I have installed the ubuntu-common drivers package, the nvidia-common drivers package and the latest nvidia graphics drivers. I'm not sure what else I need, but I'm sure it's some driver issue because it works on windows so I know the hardware is fine.

  • Sometimes my Ubuntu doesn't detect HDMI presence. Shutting down (not just a reboot) always fixed the issue. Try this or this. Add the output of sudo lshw -C display and xrandr -q. – Pablo A Aug 6 '18 at 6:02

Please check the cable. I had this problem whenever I used a low quality cable, which often doesn't make good contact with pins on my computer. But when I use good HDMI cable (e.g. BlueRigger High Speed) the Linux kernel detects the display consistently (Note: I am using Ubuntu 18.04).

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