I have an issue with the standard unit file: systemd-coredump@.service.

If the system enters shutdown, I found that it always kills the service before completion - so the coredump file is missing. The question could apply to any critical service, I think.

systemd-coredump@.service is a oneshot service triggered by systemd-coredump.socket, which requires var.mount and (by default) resides inside system-systemd@coredump.slice.

I can somewhat stop this by removing Conflicts=shutdown.target rule set in the service, the slice, the socket and the mount. It doesn't delay the shutdown, and I need a Conflicts=shutdown.target on the mount, the slice and the socket. I want all these things to get terminated in the end... just after the coredump service completes naturally.

Is there a way to make systemd delay the shutdown.target rather than killing my critical task? Also it would be nice to have the normal timeout in case the service gets stuck.

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