Recently, I was trying to update vbox-ext-pack on Debian, and it got stuck. It showed the license agreement and did not continue.

I have looked at the solutions mentioned here, but none were satisfactory.

How can I continue the installation without killing dpkg?

  1. Use htop, ps, or a similar tool to find the PID of the vboxmanage process which is a child of dpkg.
  2. Run the following command to enter a y into the process' stdin:

    echo "y" | sudo tee /proc/PID_OF_VBOXMANAGE/fd/0

    This works because the 0th file descriptor represents the stdin for the process. The sudo tee is needed because the vboxmanage process is running as a child of dpkg, which is running as root.

The installation should continue with a message like: License accepted. For batch installation add --accept-license=b674970f720eb020ad18926a9268607089cc1703908696d24a04aa870f34c8e8 to the VBoxManage command line..

This worked for me on Debian sid while updating to virtualbox-ext-pack (5.1.30-1) as of October 17, 2017.

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