I am building an RPM of git version 2.13.0. The build has gone ok but one of the tests are failing:

Config variable ${LIB_HTTPD_SVN} is not defined
Config variable ${LIB_HTTPD_SVN_PATH} is not defined

I cannot find any info about these variables so I was going to just skip the tests. How can I do that?


Check the spec file to identify where tests are executed.

For instance, I am using git2u and I have the same problem.
In order to disable tests, I reviewed the spec file and identified that tests are executed in %check.


So, to skip check I run rpmbuild with the option --nocheck

  • Older versions (RPM < v4.10) of rpmbuild don't support that option. Amending any problematic check(s) to something like make test || true in the .spec file is a cheap and not-too-nasty workaround (and allows you to see the scale of any potential problems during the run). – mr.spuratic Apr 17 '18 at 13:25

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