I'm running Debian on my laptop (Thinkpad T420 if it matters), and what I am trying to do is setup the native resolution. I want it to be 1366x768 but it's stuck at 1024x768 because when I go to Monitor Preferences, it says Monitor: Unknown. I've tried several things such as xrandr --addmode VGA1 1366x768_60.00 and all the steps that contains that I've found on different websites. Some say remove xorg.conf but I don't have that in my X11 folder.

Have any of you guys encountered this problem before?

Also I'm trying to setup 2 monitors but again, they don't show up in Monitor Preferences.

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    Can you please provide the information provided via xrandr? Just run it and edit your post – Ulrich Dangel Jun 2 '12 at 0:08
  • @UlrichDangel Can't open display is what it says – David Jun 2 '12 at 19:34
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    it needs to be run inside your graphical environment as a normal user, just start a terminal/konsole and run xrandr – Ulrich Dangel Jun 4 '12 at 2:18

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