I'm trying to increase the size of /home.

First I extended the LV via:

sudo lvextend --size +1024M /dev/vg_svelte/home

Then I did:

$ sudo btrfs filesystem resize max /home
Resize '/home' of 'max'

Minutes later, nothing has happened, I see:

$ btrfs fil show home
Label: 'home'  uuid: 93722fa7-7e8f-418a-a7ca-080aca8db94b
        Total devices 1 FS bytes used 179.03GiB
        devid    1 size 201.00GiB used 200.00GiB path /dev/mapper/vg_svelte-home

The total - used == 1GB.

How do I get btrfs to use the 1GB that I just allocated to its LV?

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  • Anything in the output of dmesg after running the resize command (again)? – Hauke Laging Oct 14 '17 at 15:04

This really isn't an answer, but I tried again to get the dmesg output requested, and it worked this time.

I searched back in time and had multiple lines like:

BTRFS info (device dm-2): new size for /dev/mapper/vg_svelte-home is 215817912320

But there was never an error message.

Perhaps btrfs needs a status command for showing a resize in progress, or there was a gremlin in the system.

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