I have a gif image with a rather low resolution (500x200 pixels) which I would like to use to tile a wallpaper background (size 1920x1080 etc.) showing the same frame (or a different frame) on all copies.

The output should look like using gifview and enlarging the view area.

Is there a script to do this? (I know that I could split the gif in frames, then copy each frame to tile the bigger canvas and finally combine all back to a gif animation, but hopefully there is an automatic way to achieve this.)

Thanks for any help.


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A hello world in ImageMagick can be:

montage image.png image.png -geometry 200x500+10+10 -tile 2x1 tile_01.gif

Where image.png is your image and tile_01.gif is the path and file name that will be created. And then you can see the image tile_01.gif that has been created, a tiled image of 2x1 with your image, changing -tile 2x1 with your preferences you can make your wallpaper.

tiled image

ImageMagick is extremely potent and have multiple choices. Probably you have it already installed, but if you haven't installed yet you can do it depending on your os, maybe:

Debian and derivates:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick


yum install ImageMagick

Usefull info:


ImageMagick manual

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