I'm trying to save clipboard content into an sqlite database. Created database and tables.

I don't want it to create journal file in every clipboard change, so I tried to pass PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF; flag. But it's tricky to pass those commands in a one liner commands because sqlite only accepts two command like

sqlite3 clipboard_archive.db "insert into cb (cb_context) values ('clipboard');"

it works. I looked for Q&A sites, some advises echoing the commands in the following way.

echo "PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF;" | sqlite3 clipboard_archive.db "insert into cb (cb_context) values ('clipboard');"

But PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF; doesn't take effect in that way though it works within the sqlite3 command prompt.

What's wrong with my one liner script?

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    You should either put all of the commands in through echo or all of them as an argument to sqlite3. – chicks Oct 13 '17 at 2:29
  • @chicks "I believe I tried that but it didn't work in my attempt." you know it's a noob phenomenon. If you posted it as an answer, I'd have another option. – kenn Oct 13 '17 at 11:20

Not sure why you want to use SQLite if you don't want the journal (have you considered the much faster WAL mode if speed is a concern?) but you can give multiple commands separated by semicolons:

sqlite3 clipboard_archive.db "PRAGMA journal_mode = OFF; insert into cb (cb_context) values ('clipboard');"
  • I just had time to test it, it works, thanks. I am just a beginner in data storing. Thank you for the suggestion, I was not aware of WAL mode. I ll take a look at it. My concern was not speed, I didn't want hard disk to wear down. – kenn Oct 13 '17 at 11:13

derobert's answer doesn't seem to work with dot-commands, but you can use -cmd: sqlite3 tolls.sql3 -cmd ".mode csv" ".import tolls.csv tolls"

it accepts multiple -csv commands and executes them in order, before the final arg.

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