I am trying to debug a segfault without code a binary in a nonstandard path (specifically in /frs/alg/alg/bin/) and I was noticing that the decompiled code has fewer symbols than when debugging under gdb. I am assuming that the debug symbols are detached, but Where should I look to find them?


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Presumably the binary has detached debug information; if gdb is able to find this without any particular configuration, it should be in one of

  • a build-id based file under /usr/lib/debug/.build-id;
  • a .debug file alongside the binary;
  • a .debug file in /frs/alg/alg/bin/.debug;
  • a .debug file in /usr/lib/debug/frs/alg/alg/bin.

The binary might have a debug link pointing at the detached information; look for a .gnu_debuglink section in the binary. To find its build-id (if any), look for a section named .note.gnu.build-id or something along those lines.

  • In my case the file had to end in a .dbg for some reason, a .debug didn't work Sep 5 at 21:01

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