var1="Oct 10 07:34"

I want the output as Oct 10 07:35 (value 35 needs to be from the var2).


Use shell (POSIX sh/bash/Korn/zsh) parameter substitution expansion. as following.

echo "${var1%:*}:${var2}"
  • ${var1%:*} (cut-up-to-first-suffix): This removes everything from end of string until first colon : seen, then print a colon :, finally print value of variable var2
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With bash or recent versions of zsh:

$ var1="Oct 10 07:34"
$ var2=35
$ echo "${var1:0:-2}${var2}"


Oct 10 07:35

With zsh or yash:

$ echo "${var1[1,-3]}$var2"
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