I have a Snow Bara samsung chromebook, I want to use USB boot to boot kali linux, without messing up my computer. I used enable_usb_dev_boot to get it to boot from usb, but it has problems when flashing the usb. I created a backup USB, and got a 32 gigabyte usb stick. The kali linux website says for their image, you need at least an 8 gb usb stick. The command that they use is

xzcat kali-$ver-exynos.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=512k

I changed the xzcat name, and path to the corresponding one in my chromebook. I then changed the path of the dd command, to media/removable/USB\ Drive because that was the path of my usb (I checked this). Whenever I use dd it says error this is a directory. I then changed the path to /media/removable/USB\ Drive/ and it said permission denied. I don't see my error. current command is : sudo xzcat home/chronos/user/Downloads/kali-chromebook.img.xz | dd of=/media/removable/USB\ Drive bs=512k command

  • whenever i go to the usb after running these commands i get : localhost removable # cd USB\ Drive/ Prompt:localhost USB Drive # ls USB Drive bs=512k Prompt:localhost USB Drive # – brian waltse Oct 11 '17 at 1:46

The error message is correct, /media/removable/USB\ Drive/ is a directory but you should be writing with dd to the block device, so you need to find the corresponding block device. The output of mount or lsblk can help you with that.

If you have so much problems understanding the difference between block devices and mount points and also interpreting error messages then Kali Linux is not for you at the moment.

It's usually recommended to use bs=4M for flash drives instead of bs=512k. But hey, you use Kali Linux, you know what you are doing.

  • I have used unix, and kali but i have never created a bootable or live usb. I was able to use ` xzcat /home/chronos/user/Downloads/kali-2017.2-exynos.img.xz | dd of=/media/removable/USB\ Drive\ bs=512k` and then us mv to move it to my usb drive. Only to find that even with cross system, and usb boot, samsung has no bios. – brian waltse Oct 11 '17 at 19:53

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