Is there a program that - when printing - provides an option for the number of pages to be printed per sheet?

I know about this CLI solution, but I want a GUI. Can I have a such option or the document must be modified first?

Evince and Master PDF Editor don't seem have this option. Does Okular? (I'm asking in Xfce and Okular comes with a lot of dependencies anyway).

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qpdfview provides this setting, somewhat hidden in the printer properties. As most viewers just use some native printer dialog you may find it there in your favorite viewer, too.

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  • Looking up Evince, the option is under Print -Page setup - Pages per side.

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  • Considering Master PDF Editor, it has that setting in the printer Properties, but it is active only for a real printer, while it is disabled for the "Print to file (PDF)" option.

  • LibreOffice Draw can be used to view, print, and export PDF files, and it has this option too (Print - Page layout - Pages per sheet).

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    No, press the "Properties" button right of the printer selection.
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I am still expecting an answer in case there is a pdf viewer with that option, but for the moment I can confirm the pdfnup command, which can be integrated to Thunar custom actions and thus operate through a GUI.

Testing pdfnup terminal command (from here) in Linux Mint Xfce it said the needed tool was not installed and recommended texlive-extra-utils. After installing that, it still gave an error complaining of some missing LaTex package. I found here that the error can be fixed by installing texlive-latex-recommended. After installing that it all went fine.

So, to use in terminal: open terminal in the location of your.pdf and run pdfnup your.pdf.

Or in Thunar custom actions, add the command pdfnup %f. Appearance conditions: check "other files"

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and restrict to pdf under "file pattern".

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This will create a new file called your-nup.pdf where two pages from before will be integrated on one single page from left to right.

If you need four per page, 2x2 (not all four from left to right, but 1-2 above and 3-4 below on the same sheet), use the command pdfnup --nup 2x2 %f (indicated in a comment under the answer linked above).

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