I am using openSUSE. I want to update my Firefox browser to the newest version, but I don't know how.

How can I do that?


Extending Hunter's answer: there is no guarantee that you will get really the last Firefox in your distribution. With zypper, you will get the last firefox what were included into the OpenSUSE.

To get the last firefox, you have to download it manually, and install it manually. As Firefox has its own update mechanism (which is turned off in the packaged versions), you will get the latest Firefox, you can even have the latest alpha version (it is named nightly). Although it will be a firefox independent from the zypper/rpm update mechanism.

Nightly has also the latest version of the Firefox web developer plugin (since some versions it is merged into the FF and it is not a separate plugin).


To update individual packages, specify the package with either the update or install command, so in your case it will be like this:

zypper update firefox
zypper install firefox

A list of all new installable packages can be obtained with the command:

zypper list-updates

In the middle ground between the answers of Peter H and Hunter, you would install a repository that has target version.

The version packaged with the standard OpenSuse repository is stable for Linux. Other repositories contain releases presently considered unstable for Linux (although they are production releases for Firefox). Currently the OpenSuse Mozilla repository has the highest Firefox production release, 56.0.1 (but is considered unstable for Linux).

The authoritative list of repositories is at software.opensuse.org. Follow the instructions there to install the desired repository and package.

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