Apparently Debian 9.2 was released today and due to that Discover and Apper are showing many packages that need to get updated.

I'd like to view a changelog for all of those packages before running the updates.

If possible I'd like to have Apper / Discover go through the packages (or package-bundles) one by one so that it shows me a changelog (potentially along with other information such as user-confirmations for nonmaliciousness and authenticity of the package-update or user-ratings for the changes or links to the closed issues) and asks for my confirmation to update the respective package (or package-bundle).

But for a start it would be good enough if I could view a changelog for all packages to be upgraded in the terminal after running sudo apt-get upgrade.

How can this be done? I already tried it with apt-listchanges which was recommended here.

I'm running Debian 9 with KDE.


You’ve got part of the answer already: the tool for this is apt-listchanges. By default it only shows important notifications, from NEWS.Debian, not the full changelogs; to see the latter you need to configure it by running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure apt-listchanges

and asking it to prompt after displaying changes, and selecting “both” when it asks you which changes to show.

Once that’s done, upgrades (using apt, apt-get or aptitude) will download the packages, extract the changelogs, display them (using your pager of choice, which is also configurable), and ask for confirmation before proceeding with the upgrade.

I don’t know of any way to get Apper or Discover to show the changelogs (but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one; in fact doing the above might work in these tools too).

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