I do not want to install a flash plugin into my browser for security reasons.

There is also a website that I use that requires flash.... Not making an exception for this site.

So, I was thinking, is there a CLI tool similar to curl but for flash content that will play the content merely by providing a URL? For ex: some_tool http://example.com/blah.swf ?

Kind of like mplayer or other CLI music players.


since mplayer can stream (and save stream) and play swf files, I was using it to play online flash videos for a long time, but you have to go through page source etc so it works but it's fun only for some of us.

however what you are looking for is probably youtube-dl (it supports much more then youtube, and can also download subtitles, playlists etc).

also please note we have https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/ site (I know! I was surprised too!:) and your question might be a better fit there.

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