On Linux, the only print font available is Courier. As the output was not satisfactory to me, a few years ago, I wrote a bash script to workaround this limitation.

This script merely launch Vim with command line options (-c) to create a .ps file, then edit this .ps file to change font (to DejavuSansMono) before sending it to printer via the lp command.

This worked like a charm until very recently (some weeks ?). Now whichever font I change to, I only get some garbage characters on printer.

I could eliminate a printer problem since I could obtain a perfect output from an unused old computer not updated for more than one year.

I could also elimitate Vim, as the .ps output is the same on both computers.

And last, if I use Inkscape to open the .ps file, the file is correctly rendered on screen and also correctly printed.

Now, I am stuck ! Please, can you help ?

My computer is running an uptodate Archlinux/Gnome config.

[EDIT] Found a workaround by inserting the following line

inkscape --export-ps=outfile.ps outfile.ps

before printing outfile.ps with lp

[EDIT2] Bad workaround : only first page is printed !

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