I'm trying to write a script that will descend into each subdirectory in /home and find the public_html folder within.

Then it will check if an .htaccess already exists, if it does write that to a file, if it doesn't exist place the .htaccess file in public_html

Right now I have

for d in */; do
cd "${D}"
cd public_hmtl
if [-e $FILE ]; then
echo "Htaccess exists for "${D}" >> /test/error.txt
cp /htaccess ./

This is obviously not right as it doesn't even run. I haven't had much experience with bash and it's been awhile since I've needed to use it.

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for dir in /home/*/public_html/; do
    if [ -e "$dir/.htaccess" ]; then
        print 'htaccess exists in "%s"\n' >&2
        cp "$htaccess" "$dir"

This iterates over all public_html directories in each directory under /home and checks to see if there's already a .htaccess file in there. If there is, a diagnostic message is produced, otherwise a standard .htaccess is copied from somewhere.

You would run this with

$ ./script 2>error.log

The issue with your code is the cd. It changes directory down to one of the public_html directories (if run from within /home), but never comes back up again.

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