I've configured vim copy mode in tmux 2.5 with

setw -g mode-keys vi

But now to go to the start of the line I have to use 0 and to go to the end of the line I have to use $. How do I remap them to the Home and End keys?


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This is the config:

bind -T copy-mode-vi 'Home' send -X start-of-line
bind -T copy-mode-vi 'End'  send -X end-of-line


bind -T copy-mode-vi 'Home' send 0
bind -T copy-mode-vi 'End'  send $

Just don't forget the single quotes otherwise it will not work. If you don't use vi-mode then simply drop the -vi.

Reference: man tmux, search for "in copy mode" in the section WINDOWS AND PANES and afterwards read the "send-keys" command.

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