I'd like to run an Enlightenment on Wayland session on Arch Linux, I read the Arch Linux article at enlightenment.org, but it seems to be outdated as enlightenment-wayland-git no longer exists in the Arch User Repository (AUR). I tried installing enlightenment-git from the AUR, in the hope it was a typo, but it will not build due to missing dependencies (e.g. gitmeson). The official enlightenment package does not have an enlightenment_wayland_start binary so I can't start it using that. I tried starting it with ELM_DISPLAY=wl ELM_ACCEL=opengl enlightenment_start based on what is said near the end of the Wayland article at enlightenment.org, but it does not seem this is a Wayland session that it started. The window enlightenment started in was called "WL-X11"

enter image description here

plus I could run Plank in it, but under other Wayland sessions Plank won't start because it can't run on Wayland.

  • Wow, that enlightenment documentation must be way out of date - enlightenment-wayland-git doesn't even exist in the AUR archive, which goes back several years. – jayhendren Oct 5 '17 at 18:45

You can check out build instructions on their Github page. This Readme is dated November 2017:

Running Enlightenment as a Wayland compositor is not considered "safe" for everyday desktop use

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