I was downloading a file bigimage.iso from https<nolink>://ftp.slowsite.edu/images/bigimage.iso using the following wget command:

wget https://ftp.slowsite.edu/images/bigimage.iso

But, the FTP server turned out to be very slow and now I want to pause the current download and resume it from a faster mirror: https<nolink>://ftp.fastsite.edu/images/bigimage.iso

How to do so?


You could stop it (but read all below first) and re-download with wget's -c (--continue)

wget -c https://ftp.fastsite.edu/images/bigimage.iso

But for testing first if it does working, do as following without interrupting already running wget.

  1. Copy partially downloaded file bigimage.iso (or the file which you know its name) to separate directory. ex: fastDIR
  2. Open Terminal and cd fastDIR and run the command as follows:

    wget -c https://ftp.fastsite.edu/images/bigimage.iso

    check if it does continue download or start from beginning. if it was continue you can stop previously wget command. otherwise don't interrupt it.

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    For this to work the HTTP server has to support Range (there are a few servers that don't). Oct 1 '17 at 10:32

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