I have a series of high quality images stored as pdf, one image per file. I want to use these images as a a series of rotating wallpapers. However, apparently Ubuntu (16.04) does not handle pdf files as wallpaper (if I select the folder containing the pdf files in Desktop Settings, it shows empty). Is there a way to trick Ubuntu to make it think the file is an image? Or is the rendering of the background something quite different from the opening of a pdf file? (apparently, it is possible to use video file and gif files as wallpaper, so maybe this is also possible).

Notice that I am aware I could convert the pdf files to png or another image format (e.g. using convert tool), but for the same quality the file grows around 10 times in size. Therefore, I would rather keep the images in their current format.

  • convert is the wrong tool for that. Try pdfimages first (this will extract images from raster PDFs), then if that doesn't work, try pdftoppm (this will render your PDF at a given resolution). You can then convert the image to a smaller format. – Satō Katsura Oct 1 '17 at 11:05

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