My storage administrator assigned LUNS for a RHEL 5.10 Server.

Now when I run /sbin/scsi_id -g -u -s /block/sdN, it shows:


Now I want to see the exact name, just like the storage administrator assigned, such as:


What am I missing?

The back end storage from EMC.


You can not. From my experience as storage and linux admin I can tell you, DB2_LUN_1 is alias on storage level. You can confirm the unique id from storage admin which is similar to 360060160c8803500183327ae00a2e711 (well most of the part). if you are using dm-multipath drivers then you can set alias in your /etc/multipath.conf file.

multipath { wwid 360060160c8803500183327ae00a2e711 alias DB2_LUN_1 }

and then rescan the scsi_host and run multipath -ll

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