On my laptop (HP Pavilion) I have a Linux Mint 18 installation and I recently added a Manjaro Linux installation in parallel. To do so, I let the Manjaro installer shrink my Mint partition in order to make space for the new installation.

The problem that I am experiencing now is when it comes to booting. It seems to me as if the new Manjaro installation has installed its own GRUB (which is the boot loader/manager as far as I know) because in the BIOS I used to have two OS bootloaders to chose from (Ubuntu + Manjaro).

However, as I couldn't convince my laptop to offer me the possibility to choose between the two installations, I started messing around with the options. I noticed that when choosing the Manjaro boot loader I did get that menu to choose which OS to boot. I somehow "managed" to make the Manjaro-option in the BIOS disappear; I can still boot it through the BIOS -> EFI though.

Then I discovered that I simply had to update-grub on my Linux Mint installation in order for the menu to appear as desired, but although the menu itself is showing now, I can only boot Linux Mint from it. When trying to boot Manjaro I get some kernel panic error alongside with a Can't claim resource 1 message and then it exits the boot (at least that's what I'm assuming because it won't do anything else).

This problem does not occur when using the boot-menu provided by Manjaro itself (I can boot both OS from there without a problem).

Now it seemed strange to me that I even have those two separate boot loaders alongside each other. I am wondering if that could cause the problem or if someone has another idea what the problem here could be?

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So I finally got it working!

My first attempt was to add a new boot option that will load the manjaro boot loader but this option got deleted on every reboot (see this question)

The thing that did the trick for me was to run sudo grub-install on my Manjaro system which restored the Manajaro boot option in the BIOS that I managed to make "disappear" before.
Once this option has been restored I was able to make it the first boot option and now everything works like charm!

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