I see that liblber is a separate package BUT searching for it, what it is, why it is needed - is never answered. Only lots off questions/comments/etc on OpenLDAP.

So, my two questions:

  1. is liblber contained within OpenLDAP? If yes, that may explain why it does not seem to have it's own project page.
  2. What is liblber for - what does it do? as it is seems to be presented seperately of the openLDAP - even though it seems one would never not find one without the other (more simply - What does it do? Why would I want it? And please do not say - it supports openLDAP (how does it support it, if it supports it)



(1) Yes, it's part of OpenLDAP.

(2) It implements the LDAP version of ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules. OpenLDAP ships with documentation for this library; possibly you need to install a -dev package to get it. For example, the lber-encode(3) manpage. Unless you are a C/C++ programmer who needs to deal with LDAP, this library will probably be of little interest to you.

  • Thx. I’ll mark you as answer when possible. Seems I must wait a bit. I was looking for info on liblber to determine if I would include it in my apr-util packaging. – Michael Felt Sep 26 '17 at 21:30

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