Actually the string is new.tar.gz I want to check this file is tar package or not ?


Use the file command to inspect it.

$ file new.tar.gz
new.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, last modified: Tue Sep 26 16:50:00 2017, from Unix

To inspect the contents of the compressed file, you'll have to extract it, then run file on that:

$ gunzip -k new.tar.gz; file new.tar
new.tar: POSIX tar archive (GNU)

Technically, a tar archive file may be called anything. The name of a file does not decide the format or contents of the file in Unix.

However, if we restrict the question to determining whether a filename in the variable $filename ether ends with the string .tar or contains the string .tar., or not:

case $filename in
    *.tar|*.tar.*) echo 'possibly a tar file' ;;

The above allows for both .tar at the end of a name or .tar followed by another extension.

Or, in bash (the above works in any sh shell, including bash):

if [[ $filename =~ \.tar$  ]] ||
   [[ $filename =~ \.tar\. ]]; then
    echo 'possibly a tar file'


if [[ $filename == *.tar   ]] ||
   [[ $filename == *.tar.* ]]; then
    echo 'possibly a tar file'

If you have a file with a long list of filenames, then the following will tell you which lines in that file ends with the string .tar or contains the string .tar.:

grep -E '\.tar$|\.tar\.' file.list

The -E flag tells grep to treat the given pattern as an extended regular expression (to handle |).


grep -e '\.tar$' -e '\.tar\.' file.list

To list the final extensions of every file in a long list (stored in file.list):

sed 's/.*\.//' file.list

The sed expression s/.*\.// will remove everything on each line up to and including the final dot.

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    You can also use pattern matching in bash, which is often a little cleaner than the corresponding regular expression. if [[ $filename = *.tar ]] || [[ $filename = *.tar.* ]]. (With extended pattern support enabled, [[ $filename = *.tar?(.*) ]].
    – chepner
    Sep 26 '17 at 17:46
  • @chepner Thanks. Personally, I prefer case ... esac for pattern mating. More portable. Added some of your stuff.
    – Kusalananda
    Sep 26 '17 at 17:48

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