Essentially what I am trying to understand how to do is to modify some scripts I found to run two simultaneous instances of a service on a Linux Mint machine that I had lying around.

Setting up the first instance of the service I used the instructions found here:


Now I am attempting to take these instructions and alter them to essentially create a second service using the same scripts..

The service will not start and stay that way, though it did prior to a full machine restart. I have placed the second .service file in the same place as the first, '/etc/systemd/system/'. Contents of the service file is below.

Description=server daemon for whim

ExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -dmS whim /bin/bash -c "/opt/terraria/TerrariaServer.bin.x86_64 -config /opt/terraria/whimserverconfig.txt"
ExecStop=/usr/local/bin/whimd exit


Now the reason I restarted the machine in the first place was yet another error. During the course of the instructions here I setup a script for basic administration. It is placed in the same location as the first. '/usr/local/bin/' Contents of the file are below.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

send="`printf \"$*\r\"`"
attach='script /dev/null -qc "screen -r whim"'
inject="screen -S whim-X stuff $send"

if [ "$1" = "attach" ] ; then cmd="$attach" ; else cmd="$inject" ; fi

if [ "`stat -c '%u' /var/run/screen/S-whim/`" = "$UID" ]
    su - whim-c "$cmd"

The problem, before the service ceased to work, was that I could never attach to the screen for the new whim.service.

So my question is this:

Did I go wrong modifying one of these two files or am I missing something even more basic?

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You deleted the following whitespace when you changed the names, turning terraria /bin/bash into whim/bin/bash for one example. This made several parts of your service unit and script file wrong.

The whole design seems pretty rickety, running screen as a system-wide service (and the bodges that that entails) in order to run a program that demands that it be interactive as a service, but that is not your doing.

  • My apologies, this was actually the result of a typo I made while transcribing the contents of the file. The issue mentioned in the question remains. Sep 25, 2017 at 20:19

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