When I try to open a matlab livescript inside the default DE, I get an error that says:

Viewing MATLAB Live Script files is not currently supported by this operating system configuration. For more information, see the documentation.

It also includes a link to the "Unsupported Features" section of the livescript documentation which however does not say anything about this particular problem as far as I can see.

The ArchWiki does have information on my problem though (I am running Manjaro xfce). It says there that as a possible workaround for my problem I would have to point MATLAB shipping glib libraries to those glib libraries from my system and that I would have to change the following symlinks to do this:


I found this answered question on this SE that shows how to change symlinks, but I don't know where to point them exactly.

My questions are: where are system glib libraries usually located and how would I then proceed to update my symlinks to the correct location?

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    I figured it out, i had to use ln -sfn targetpath symlinkpath with absolute paths. the files to link to were located in /usr/lib/ and i had to link an additional library like the wiki says. Sep 28 '17 at 15:35

Answering my own question:

In my case, the files to link to were located in /usr/lib/. Using ln -sfn /target/path /sym/link/path (with absolute paths!), i was able to link them to the proper files. In addition, I installed a library as pointed out in the wiki, namely gconf.

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