Yesterday I was working in setup some environment variables for the user etladmin. I did it in the /home/etladmin/.profile … and it was ok.

Today when I login, I can see all the variables, except for LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Only when I do source .profile is when I can see this variable.

In another user .profile I have the same variables and I can see the LD_LIBRARY_PATH also… but when I run the sudo –u etladmin bash command LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't show up.

I will appreciate if you have any idea how to set this LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

This is what im doing in .profile:

export HOME_INFA_DIR=/etl/informatica/9.6.1

I'm using bash on AIX 7.1.


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The .profile file will not be sourced by a bash login shell if there is a .bash_profile or .bash_login file present. It will try these other files first.

Also, unless this file is sourced explicitly from .bashrc, a non-login interactive shell will not source it. You get one of these shells when you do sudo -u user bash.

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