I want to play a video at a certain time. Like an alarm. for instance, at 07:00 play video.mp4

I have tried this with crontab and with at, but no success yet


I wrote a little script for that:

[ "$1" = "-q" ] && shift && quiet=true || quiet=false
hms=(${1//:/ })
printf -v now '%(%s)T' -1
printf -v tzoff '%(%z)T\n' $now
$quiet || printf 'Alarm goes off at %(%c)T.' $((now+slp))
sleep $slp
mplayer /path/to/video.mp4

Call it with the desired time like alarm.bash 7, alarm.bash 7:1:3 or alarm.bash 07:01:03. You may use the -q option to disable the terminal output. Designed to serve as an alarm clock it's not possible to set a time more than 23:59:59 in the future with this script – I suggest to combine it with cron if necessary.

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