i am using


files to generate the


which has 120 lines.

But if i run

auditctl -l

i get only 14 lines as a result though.

Why is this happening ?

  • Please provide more detailed information, ex: input and output files – mrc02_kr Sep 20 '17 at 9:33

You need to execute augenrules.

This is an executable script that goes over the rules you have in rules.d and compiles them into a single valid file.

For that reason, you should also make sure that all the files in rules.d end with a new line. Otherwise, the resulting file will have a invalid rules.

You may not have that script if you are using an older version of auditd. But in fact, it is just a script, and you can take it from a newer version of auditd and place it somewhere in the path. Although, I would not recommend it, instead, if that is the case, you should upgrade auditd to a newer version.

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