I have requirement to connect to remote machine and then get info and pipe to while loop.

ssh rao@ "find ~/listfile/ -iname \"*log*\" |while read line; do cat $line; done"

The above commands is printing empty lines. I tried find itself to check command and it does works and list files.

ssh rao@ "find ~/listfile/ -iname \"*log*\""

How do I see the content of files found?

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    I would have escaped the $ in cat $line inside loop. – Archemar Sep 20 '17 at 14:42

You should use find alone if you are going to list files with matched name where you ssh in remote server and add only if files -type f.

ssh USER@HOST 'find ~/listfile/ -type f -iname "*log*" '

If you need to cat content of the files found, use find with cat as follows.

ssh USER@HOST 'find ~/listfile/ -type f -iname "*log*" -exec cat '{}' +' 
  • thanks for Quick answer. Here my requirement is to find the files in remote machine and display the content of the files. i.e the reason i am using the CAT command – venkata rao Sep 20 '17 at 5:21

I know it won't strictly answer your question but will surely solve your problem in a very classy way.

Instead of describing your command in the SSH line, write as a Bash function [1]:

function foo() { while true; do echo bar; done; } 

Then run your SSH command using declare builtin command [2] and then call your Bash function:

ssh example.com "$(declare -f foo); foo;"

You can simply write it directly on the command line or save in a file and use another Bash's builtin command, source.

Bang! Your can pretty much simplify your SSH line without having to copy a Shell script over the remote machine.

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