I am trying to use a USB PENDRIVE to increase my current path for building a large library.

So, I have this idea of creating a symlink in my program to a folder in the Pendrive. So that it uses the space in the Pen Drive instead of my main storage.

/home/me/opencv/ <-- this is the product I want to build /home/me/opencv/build/ <-- this is the build folder.

At this point there is not enough memory to build it there, so I created this symlink in /home/me/opencv/

mkdir /media/me/pendrive/opencv/build/

ln -s /media/me/pendrive/opencv/build/  /home/me/opencv/ -s

this created a link "build" under /home/me/opencv/ folder that points to my pen drive.

The problem here is that directory traversal points to the pen drive too.

cd /home/me/opencv

this renders a number of folders and files inside opencv folder

But if I do...

cd /home/me/opencv/build
ls ..

this renders an empty opencv folder with an only folder named build.


You can try a bind mount, assuming you can use sudo or have root rights. For example,

mkdir /home/me/opencv/build
mkdir -p /media/me/pendrive/opencv/build
sudo mount -o bind /home/me/opencv/build /media/me/pendrive/opencv/build

Then, when in /home/me/opencv/build, you should see in .. the contents of /home/me/opencv/. Use sudo umount /home/me/opencv/build to undo the mount.


There's a difference between logical and physical directory paths that you've run into.

cd /home/me/opencv/build

This will place you in the logical directory /home/me/opencv/build, but physically, you're actually in /media/me/pendrive/opencv/build, thanks to the symbolic link.

ls .. will show you the contents of the physical parent directory /media/me/pendrive/opencv.

A physical directory path is a logical directory path with all its symbolic links resolved. They are the same if the logical directory path does not contain only symbolic links.

See also the difference between pwd -L and pwd -P while in that build directory (and read the pwd manual).

cd also has -L and -P flags (and -L is the default).

  • Thanks for your quick response. It sounds to me that there is no way to create a symlink that works the way I want (where ls .. will list the contents of /home/me/opencv/ folder) – diy_nunez Sep 19 '17 at 16:22

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