I recently installed i3wm on my Ubuntu 16.04 system, Thinkpad T450s. Vertical scrolling worked but was not inverted. Horizontal scrolling did not work.

To fix vertical scrolling I followed the solution listed here.

To enable horizontal scrolling, this solution worked for me.

However, horizontal scrolling was not inverted. How is this achieved?

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The solution for this problem follows the same format as this one

These commands showed me that the scrolling distance property had a positive value for the horizontal direction. xinput --list xinput --watch-props <id>

I used the following command to achieve inverted horizontal scrolling: xinput --set-prop <id> "Synaptics Scrolling Distance" -113 -113


You can also use the synaptic client, it's a bit more user friendly.

Show all properties


Change scroll direction

synclient VertScrollDelta=-79 

Enable horizontal scrolling

synclient HorizTwoFingerScroll=1 HorizScrollDelta=-79

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