I have 2 machines:

  1. my local windows PC (for this example X.X.X.X).
  2. my cloud VM with public IP (Y.Y.Y.Y).

I have a database on the VM listening to
I can only connect to my VM using ssh on port 22.

How can I forward the traffic so that I connect to the database from my PC? I know I need some tunnel but don't understand how to set it up, should the tunnel be on my PC or on the VM?

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If you had Linux/BSD on a local vm you could use:

 ssh [email protected] -L 27017:

On windows you can use Cygwin, or Linux Subsystem (How to install bash on windows) if you are using Windows 10. You can do this with PuTTY too, try this guide.

  • used it like this: ssh user@remote_host -L 27017: this allowed me to connect to localhost at port 27017 and it forward the traffic to my remote host. thanks !
    – galuzan
    Commented Sep 18, 2017 at 10:09

SSH itself makes a tunnel and encrypt data. Try ssh remotehost -l username to login remote VM from Linux. There is Putty application in windows too.

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