The rkhunter version of the ubuntu package is currently 1.4.0, while the installer is version 1.4.4
The repo version of chkrootkit is 0.49, while its installer is 0.52
Since security is a major concern for servers, what would be the best choice: install the latest version or my distribution's package, even if outdated?


You can combine the best of both worlds by installing the latest package available from your distribution: rkhunter 1.4.4 and chkrootkit 0.52 for Ubuntu (the packages’ dependencies are satisfiable in previous releases of Ubuntu). The safest approach is to download the packages manually, and install them with dpkg -i or gdebi. You’ll need to keep an eye on future updates to those packages manually, but then you’d have had to do that anyway if you’d used the upstream downloads.

You could get automatic upgrades from Ubuntu by adding the Aardvark repositories and pinning; that’s beyond the scope of this answer though.

Upgrading in both cases is quite useful as you mention, since both projects have added new security checks (in particular, Linux.Proxy.10 in chkrootkit).

  • Thanks. Would you mind to provide me with some hint on where to find information and documentation on the Aardvark repositories? – Asarluhi Sep 16 '17 at 13:21
  • 1
    To find the Artful Aardvark repositories, look in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and copy the lines containing vivid, xenial, yakkety, or zesty, replacing the release name with artful. The Ubuntu wiki has a page on pinning with detailed instructions. – Stephen Kitt Sep 16 '17 at 13:34

I believe the older version are to be preferred over the latest version as the former have been thoroughly tested by the Ubuntu team and would have little or no issues when compared to the latest versions of these packages.

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