How do I check out a repo is stord in ./.myrepo?

Here is the link to the complete task

Not asking the entire thing just this part (I've done all the prior):

"2. Check out the svn repo stored in .myrepo to the directory 'myCode1'." (its in part 2 number 2)

I'm lost here. I'm extremely new to this could someone tell me what this means and how to do this? Thank you!

I believe I do svn checkout and the entire url in the current pwd? Aside from reading the definition on google I don't know what it does.



svn checkout (co) — Check out a working copy from a repository.


svn checkout URL[@REV]... [PATH]


Check out a working copy from a repository. If PATH is omitted, the basename of the URL will be used as the destination. If multiple URLs are given, each will be checked out into a subdirectory of PATH, with the name of the subdirectory being the basename of the URL.

If you read this, it should become clear that checkout basically copies the repository into a folder. So what you will probably want to do is:

svn checkout file://./.myrepo myCode1

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