I have used following firewalld rich rule. But it is allowing me more than two FTP connections in a minute. I expected that it could allow only two connections.

firewall-cmd --add-rich-rule='rule service name=ftp limit value=2/m accept'

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with above rule or do we have any other way we can do using firewalld rich rule?

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It may be easier adding the rule in /etc/firewalld/zones/public.xml. This should work, but I'm not sure if m (minute) is supported, h (hour) seems to be:

<rule family="ipv4">
    <service name="ftp"/>
    <log prefix="ftp fw limit 2/m " level="warning">
      <limit value="2/m"/>
      <limit value="2/m"/>

Also, make sure, that there is no other accept rule for ftp!


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