I defined a systemd service, which has a name I always mistype (kafka in this instance) so I gave it a few easy aliases. In the systemd files, it means that I have the line:

Alias=k.service kakfa.service

Which make my inner sloth very happy as I can now use service k start or not bother about the kakfa typo.

When I want to check the logs, though, I still need to type the full original name, journaltcl -u k will not work, as in it will only output the laconic -- No entries --.

No googling or reading man pages helped. Is there a way to do what I want?


Shouldnt you be able to add an extra alias entry for the journaltcl command?ex: alias jfk="journalctl -fk" in a more similar fashion as required either for your kafka or systemd service.

  • It is of course possible but it's really not what I am looking for. If systemd aliases are defined somewhere, I want to use them without having to duplicate definitions or create personal commands. – Guillaume Sep 18 '17 at 5:22

In your 'Alias' example you miss-typed "kafka" unless this was for illustrative purpose I would start by changeing "kakfa" to "kafka", i.e. the source code should look like this:

Alias=k.service kafka.service

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    I believe you've missed the main point of the question. – Jeff Schaller Dec 4 '18 at 10:43

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