I need to add the second IPv6 to the single interface in Debian Stretch. When using IPv4, this is simple becasue multiple inet static definitions works, i. e.:

iface enp5s0f0.10 inet static                                                   
  netmask 20                                                                    

iface enp5s0f0.10 inet static                                                   
  netmask 32                                                                    

I get two addresses on the single interface.

But with IPv6 this does not work.

iface enp5s0f0.10 inet6 static                                                  
  address 9999:9999:9999:1::1                                                    
  netmask 64                                                                    

iface enp5s0f0.10 inet6 static                                                    
  address 9999:9999:9999:1::2                                                    
  netmask 128                                                                   

Does someone know why this is not working? I think I can add a second address with up -6 ip addr ... in the interface configuration, but I would like to know why this works that way.

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    Can you show us the configuration file you're using? It's hard to troubleshoot with only the output, not the input. I assume you're using configuration files in "/etc/network/interfaces", as described in wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration and manpages.debian.org/stretch/ifupdown/interfaces.5.en.html – bgvaughan Sep 12 '17 at 15:27
  • Hello, this basically the complete file from interfaces.d, one don't need more. I read the interfaces and Debian IPv6 page, but there are no info about multiple IPv6 addresses on a single interface. – Kamil Sep 12 '17 at 15:32

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