I have a script (on my local machine). In the script, a connection is established via ssh to a slave machine and it runs a build script on the slave:

ssh $user@$slave_ip bash $dest_root/$dest_dir/slave_run

Is there a way to capture the exit code that is returned from the slave_run script in a parent script variable?


Your command (with added double quotes):

ssh "$user@$slave_ip" bash "$dest_root/$dest_dir/slave_run"

The capture the exit code will be in $? after the execution of that command.


$ ssh someserver sh -c 'false'
$ echo $?

To capture it:

$ ssh someserver somecommand
$ code=$?

Alternatively, get the command on the server to output the exit code and capture it as a string:

$ code=$( ssh server sh -c "somecommand; echo \$?" )

In your case:

$ code=$( ssh "$user@$slave_ip" sh -c "$dest_root/$dest_dir/slave_run; echo \$?" )

It's necessary to escape the $ of $? as the command is within double quotes and we'd like $? to be evaluated by the shell on the server side, not by the shell on the client.


To examine the exit code, you need to examine a special variable which is "$?" This variable tell's you the exit code of the last command you ran.

ssh $user@$slave_ip 'bash $dest_root/$dest_dir/slave_run ; echo $?'

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