Is there a way to display a miniature version of the secondary display's contents on the primary display? This is for doing a live demo during a presentation, while keeping a dual-display setup to also show notes on the primary display. I have a vague feeling that this should be possible somehow, but I don't have enough experience with xrandr.

A coarse internet search hasn't revealed anything useful. I'm aware of solutions like LibreOffice's presenter mode, or pdf-presenter-console. This question is about displaying interactive contents on the secondary console. A solution doesn't need to involve xrandr, a utility that captures a portion of the screen and clones it in another window would also work.

I'm on Ubuntu 17.04.

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actually you can use vlc for that purpose (if I understand your needs correctly).

First you click on Media -> Open Capture Device
Then set Capture mode to Desktop. Then you check show more options and at the end you can add a few options as sen there. But I guess you can figure it out yourself by trying. It depends on your screen resolution and which screen you want to record and display on which.

Comes from there : How to record the desktop in VLC media player - second screen | Super User


Get a webcam and point it at the secondary screen, and privately live-stream the feed somewhere. Have the stream in a tiny window on your primary screen. It may not work well, but it will almost certainly work.

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