I am running debian (testing) with systemd v234. I decided to give systemd-networkd a shot for my network configuration. Wifi configuration with dhcp form my router worked well thanks to the Arch-Linux documentation.

I have a local ethernet interface (enp0s31f6) I use for development of embedded systems that get served IP-addresses from a dhcp-server on my computer that is bound to enp0s31f6 and serves from a a small pool of ip addresses. The problem is, the dhcp server does not start if the enp0s31f6 has not ip address at boot time. enp0s31f6 only gets configured with an ip address if it has link, i.e. if I start my computer with a powered embedded system connected on enp0s31f6.

Here is my configuration in /etc/systemd/network/enp0s31f6.network:


How do I make systemd-netword configure my interface with an ip address even if there is no link?

(basically the the way it used to be with /etc/network/interfaces?)

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